Secure and Ad-Free Email Hosting with a Twist

Host your professional email on a secure, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free email hosting service built-in with features like email marketing services can do

The world's first email hosting service built-in with an internal broadcast feature

One of the things that make Kerjamail unique is, it also makes it easier to communicate with all of your team internally

With our built-in internal broadcast feature, you can quickly and effectively send emails to all the people inside your team

Easy Broadcast

Write your email like you used to, and your email will be in the inbox of all people on your team in no time

Internal Tracking

With open tracking and campaign history, think of it as an email marketing campaign for your team's internal communication

For Every Business

No matter how big or small your team is, everyone in the business with the same email domain as you will get your email

We don't care about you

We don't care about your message, your contacts, or when you send and receive emails. Use our product securely every time, everywhere, and with anyone. Privacy is your right, and we always respect that. We guaranteed that we would not be able to read your message.

Free email like,, etc., doesn't give you a professional image in front of your business client. So, stop using that email. Stay professional with [email protected].

One account for all of your business team

Kerjamail has a simple dashboard and control panel. You can quickly add, remove, and change your team's email setting from the control panel.

Works with any email client

Kerjamail will work with any email client that you're using right now. There is no need to install a different app that's already there on your phone since the first day you get your hands on it.

Let's join with people who are already satisfied using Kerjamail

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The world’s most affordable email infrastructure for business

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