Email Security & Encryption

Kerjamail constantly works to give you the best experience of secure email. We provide top-notch security to prevent unauthorized interception by encrypting your data.

at Rest

Emails are stored on Kerjamail servers in an encrypted format. This is designed to prevent the attacker from accessing the unencrypted data by ensuring the data is encrypted when on disk.

in Transit

We use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to encrypt email traffic between your device and server. The SSL connection is used to ensure all communications from POP/IMAP/SMTP clients to our servers cannot be read or tampered with during transit.


S/MIME provides top-notch security by encrypting the message itself. It allows you to encrypt emails and digitally sign your email to verify you as the sender and protect data leaks, phishing, email spoofing, and other email attacks.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) acts as an extra layer of security to your account every time you log in on a phone or computer you don't recognize. So, even if your password is compromised, TFA helps you keep your account safe.