Spam Policy

Kerjamail is the hosted email service provided by KIRIM.EMAIL.

By signing up for your account, you accept these Terms of Service and undertake to use the Service in compliance with this document’s provisions.

If you do not agree with any of this document’s provisions, you may unsubscribe anytime to the Service.

KERJAMAIL reserves the right to reject your account registration request with or without any reason if we consider you violate any applicable rules or harm to other parties inside and outside of KERJAMAIL.

In KERJAMAIL, you can either send bulk emails to all people inside your organization using email addresses with the same domain as you (we call Internal Broadcast Feature) or individual emails outside your organization like regular emails.

To protect the hosted email service and ensure a timely and reliable customer experience, we maintain reasonable limits for the number of email messages users can send and receive.

All limits are rate-based, meaning a certain number of messages or recipients are allowed in a specific timeframe. If the limits are exceeded, continued attempts will either be deferred or rejected by the hosted email platform.

Automated email and spam are restricted at much lower limits to protect the system’s integrity. We reserve the right to change any limits without warning or notice to ensure the email service’s integrity.

12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. in our organization’s time zone is considered one day to calculate the email count.

You may only send and receive emails subject to the following restrictions:

Limit in hours: 1000
Limit in one delivery: 5 Recipients

Limit in hours: 1000
Limit on one receipt: 20 email addresses

You can’t use Kerjamail for email blasts or broadcast campaigns. You can use KIRIM.EMAIL for that purpose.

Be very careful when using Kerjamail for cold emailing your prospects or future clients. If there are many SPAM reports, we will deactivate your account.

How we suspend the account?

If our system doesn’t see any sub-accounts active, the primary account will be suspended, and you can contact our support for further explanations.

But if our system sees sub-accounts, we will warn the main account about it, and if there are no responses, our system will suspend the main account.

You can’t use domains that get flagged as SPAM or domains with any suspicious activities as your email address inside Kerjamail. We can deactivate your account because of this reason.

There will be no refunds on all SPAM-related Kerjamail account deactivation.