[Announcement] Changes to Kerjamail’s Policy and Settings

Kerjamail is an email hosting service provider. We offer unlimited domains within one account. You can freely add as many domains as you own as long as the storage capacity is available.

Changes to the Terms of Service

After the attack targeted at Kerjamail a while ago, we need to inform you of Kerjamail ‘s usage policy changes. To read the more comprehensive policy, please click here.

We made these changes to enhance the comfort and security of Kerjamail users.

The main point of these policy changes is the addition of domains. But, of course, you can still add any number of domains you want.

However, with this new policy, we have the right to know the purpose of using Kerjamail. We also have the right to accept or reject your domain addition request.

We provide a form for you to fill out when you add a new domain.

The information you give us will become our consideration in reviewing and deciding the outcome of your domain addition request.

This policy has been applied to both old and new users since it was established.

What about the domains already connected to Kerjamail?

If you already have a domain connected to Kerjamail, you don’t have to worry because nothing changes with your account.

However, because there is a slight change in the User Interface, you need to recheck your account related to SPF and DKIM records. If you find SPF and DKIM records unverified, you need to do pointing or DNS mapping again.

You can access the tutorial here.

Accessing Manage Data

The changes also occur in how you access the manage data dashboard.

Before these changes, you could directly access it. However, you must create a sub-account first to access Manage Data Menu, even if your account is the main account.

You can make your main account a sub-account as long as your email address is not a sub-account in another account.

That way, you can only access Manage Data Menu, such as accessing mailbox information and adding/editing/deleting mailboxes and aliases.

To create a sub-account, please learn here.

If you have any questions or feedback related to these changes, please send it through [email protected].


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