Adding the first domain and Domain Verification

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After the payment successful and the product that you buy has been activated, the first step you have to do is to add the first domain into your Kerjamail product and verified it.

Follow these steps below :

  1. Login to then click “Add Domain” button into your Kerjamail product.
  2. Insert your domain name then select the capacity of Mega Byte (MB) in the Storage Size fields. After that, Click “Submit” button.
  3. Click “OK” button on “success!” notification.
  4. Click “COPY” button on Verify domain ownership page to copy the verification code.
  5. Open your DNS Manager, add new record by TXT type and paste the verification code that you have been copied on value section and then Save.
  6. Return to “Kerjamail” page and Click “Verify button”.
  7. Click “OK” button on the “Are You Sure?” notification.
  8. Click “OK” button on the “domain verification success” notification.
  9. Click any section and reload the page.
  10. Now your first domain is Active.
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