Managing Email Aliases

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Creating Email Alias

To add your email alias, please follow these instruction:

  • Click your domain that has been verified.
  • Click the “Aliases” menu in Manage Data page.
  • Click “Create New Alias” button.
  • Fill your username on the email address field.
  • Fill your email address destination on Go To Address field.
  • Click Save button.
  • Click OK button on the “alias added” notification.
  • Done.

Editing email alias

To edit the alias, please follow the instruction below:

  • Click “Edit” button on the desire address.
  • Edit the New Go To field then click “Save” button
  • Click “OK” button on the “Are You Sure?” notification.
  • Click “OK” button on the “mailbox_modified” notification.
  • Done.

Deleting email alias

To delete the alias, please choose the address and click “REMOVE” button on the Action column

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